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Ziploc Bag Hack

Mom Hacks

Packing clothes for travel with the family will make any mom’s head spin. I use a great packing system that makes traveling much more seamless and organized when it comes to preparing clothing and outfits.

Whether you're preparing for a 20-hour road trip or traveling by air, you'll need an efficient way to pack clothes for your little ones without having to worry about what you may have forgotten. It's important to find a system that's organized, easy for someone else to do, and offers a compact solution!

Ziploc Bags ended up being the perfect solution for us. :)

What is the Ziploc Bag System?

  • Each of our kids' outfits are placed in their own bag along with accessories like socks and undies. We normally leave shoes in their own separate bags to avoid smelling up the clothes, lol.
  • Every bag is labeled with a name, day, and an occasion if needed (weddings, parties, rehearsals, etc.).
  • If you want to go a step further, you can group the bags by child and place them in color-coded backpacks or totes for each kid. We added 1-2 pairs of shoes and a jacket as well. (We don't experience any issues with wrinkling, but this system is best for clothes that don't wrinkle a lot.)

That's pretty much it! It saves a lot of time when packing for a trip and eliminates the crying and confusion when kids are getting dressed in the morning since outfits are already pre-selected. I usually just throw all of the worn clothes in a laundry bag when we're getting ready to head home, but you can definitely use this system when you're traveling back home!

Hope you find this helpful! :)

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